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w i t h    R j G    B e a u t y


Henna Definition Brows, by Rebecca Gilbert


BH Henna provides optimal colouring of the eyebrows and skin with a soft makeup effect and no “reddish” impregnation like traditional hennas. It consists of natural substances that help strengthen the hairs with each procedure, contributing to restoration of the eyebrows’ natural shape and fullness.


The phenomenal fortitude of the product’s ingredients allows the henna to stay on the hairs for up to 6 weeks.


In most cases, the henna colour will stay visible on the skin ‘soft make up/tattoo effect’

for 1-2 weeks. The lasting results of skin stain will vary between each individual, depending on skin type and correct aftercare.



Henna Definition Brows : £25

This includes hair removal - shaping/reshaping/maintenance


Henna Tint Top-up : £14

This does not include any hair removal


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Brow Henna not only gives the eyebrows stunning volume and expressive colour

but also helps restore weak and damaged hairs.




** Patch Test Required **


24-48 hours prior to first treatment